Ebony previews “Into The Go-Slow”


Ebony Magazine included Into The Go-Slow in its September round up of new releases.  Here’s what they wrote:

Into the Go-Slow (Feminist Press $16.95) by Bridgette M. Davis is a self-discovery adventure set between Detroit and Nigeria in the 1980s. The nostalgia is all there, from the Detroit that was to Fela-era Nigeria. The main character, Angie, has just graduated college and proceeds to backtrack her older sister’s life path in Nigeria through her letters back home up until the moment of her death via a car accident. The woman Angie was when first going to Nigeria is definitely not the one who comes back. Get into this tale of loss and understanding, and enjoy.

Read about this and other picks for September at  http://www.ebony.com/photos/entertainment-culture/steve-harvey-acts-and-thinks-successful-111#ixzz3JuqVKh9T

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