A strong review of Into the Go-Slow in Kirkus Reviews.

“Davis (Shifting Through Neutral, 2005) explores the ambivalent, often troubling experiences of African-Americans in Africa through the lens of a young woman who, having grown up during the civil rights upheavals of the 1960s and ’70s, struggles to find her place in the world during the less idealistic ’80s……The difficult intellectual questions Davis raises about personal identity and an African-American’s relation to contemporary Africa are particularly resonant given Nigeria’s current woes.”


Duke’s New Black Man Calls It “A Page-Turner”!

What a great way to kick off publication date!

Into The Go-Slow was given a thoughtful review on the site run by Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, Professor of Black Popular Culture in the African and African American Studies Department at Duke University.  The review on the widely-read site was written by Danielle Jackson.  Here’s an excerpt:

Author Bridgett Davis has essentially inverted Americanah’s storyline. While Americanah focuses on a Nigerian-born Igbo woman who moves to the United States for university, stays to make a living and observes the paradoxes of American life, Into the Go-Slow allows us to experience the vast country of Nigeria through the eyes of an idealistic black American with an impossibly insatiable hunger for knowledge and who believes that travel to distant lands will enlighten her. I loved that Davis’ portrayal of Angela is full and that the character feels like a flawed, multidimensional human being on the page. Sometimes you want to shake her, other times you want to comfort her. Because of this careful, artful humanity and stunning, sensual depiction of Nigeria and Detroit in the 1980s, the book is a page-turner.

Read the full review here.

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Bookslut: “A Compelling And Succinct Read”

Here’s what Bookslut had to say about Into The Go-Slow:

The narrative is deeply character-driven and the Mackenzie family, through their momentous joy and devastating heartbreak, showcases a stunning spectrum of the human experience. The communities of Nigeria are drawn with the utmost respect and care. Although the narrative is propelled by the political climate of Nigeria and the desolation of 1980’s Detroit, Davis ensures that the focus is on the plight of the novel’s heroine. Into the Go-Slow is a work that spans across continents, cultures, and time yet the author’s smooth execution makes for a compelling and succinct read.

The full review is here.

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